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What should I wear? Please wear clothing you wouldn't be upset getting messy. Alginate will come out of most clothing whrn scrubbed, but not always guaranteed. Babies are best cast in a short sleeved onesie, or in diaper. Adults and kids should wear tshirts. 

What can I do to prepare? Fingernails should be trimmed and filed to your liking. If you have artificial nails, be sure to have them filled no later than a week before your appointment to have the least amount of grow out. Moisturize your hands to give them the best appearance. Remove watches the day before if they leave marks on your wrist. 

Can I wear my rings? Yes, however a brief inspection is required to ensure the style of ring can be worn. 

What age is best for kids? Baby casts are best done 0-6 weeks old. Full bellies and sleepy is the best time to take the moulds. Having kids holding hands can be tricky. Ages 1-3 are very hard, but not impossible. You know your kids best. I have a tv and fishtank for distraction, but they can only do so much. Please keep this in mind when booking. Individual hands for those ages are best as they tend to move and let go of hands. Kids must be 5 and older to be in a ring of hands. 

How long does it take? Baby casts are quick to set up. In only 3 minutes the mould is set, and ready to wiggle your little ones foot out. There is no rush for babies, I leave plenty of time for settling, changing and breaks. Adults holding hands takes 7-8 minutes for the mould to set up. Large casts such as ring of hands and body casts take 15-20 minutes. Large casts require a plaster bandage sell to hold the mould together. 

When do I receive a finished piece? Turnaround time depends on the time of year. On average it is 8-10 weeks before a cast is ready to be picked up. This can change at anytime. You will be contacted when it is ready for pick up, and we politely request you wait for that message. Casts need to dry for a minimum of 4 weeks. This will allow all moisture to leave the cast. Rushing this process will only result in a mouldy cast in the future. We go over each cast looking for imperfections or flaws. This means hours go into each cast, leaving you with a beautiful memory. 

Dog Paws 

To be able to have your dogs paw cast there are a few requirements. Your dog must be friendly with strangers. They must be able to settle into a new place easily. I am calm, patient and give space for them to smell the studio. The process requires me to touch your dogs foot and toes. For mine and your dogs safety, they must be okay with their foot being touched by a stranger. Nails and paw hairs should be trimmed. Long hairs that cover the paw pads must be trimmed. Hair must not be longer than one inch, especially if curly. We have the right to decline service of any dog that shows extreme stress, aggression, or matted hair. If your dog can not sit we can make arrangements for laying down. 

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